ABOUT US: Breaking Out of The Corporate Suit

ABOUT US: Breaking Out of The Corporate Suit

Iana Boyd is one of the founders of BIANA and in the weeks ahead she will share some insights into the roots of BIANA and lessons learned through the years.

The first of these posts shares how the idea for BIANA was born:

“For seventeen years, I worked for a large global company – with the last twelve of those years living as an expat in The Netherlands. It was a fantastic experience with a lot learned and gained. Having a demanding job while raising a young child and also having a husband with a busy corporate job put extra pressure not only on my time management skills, but on my wardrobe too! The corporate suit, which was my “uniform for a while” was neither versatile enough - nor comfortable enough for my new reality.

I needed more comfortable clothes as I lived in them from dawn till dusk. They had to wrinkle less and still look good at the end of the day. They had to be much more versatile than the corporate suits, of which I owned a tonand they had to better express my taste and personal style, developed through time, travel and work in our fantastic world.

So, this is how the idea for BIANA was born…