BIANA - Brightening the Day and Keeping our Future Beautiful

BIANA - Brightening the Day and Keeping our Future Beautiful

Dear BIANA Customers,

The Corona Virus pandemic came upon us and we are all struggling to cope with the present circumstances and ensure that we do not let go of our future. 

At the moment we know that we cannot do much to alleviate the anguish and pain in people's hearts, but we are committed to do our best to brighten your day - whether it is with beautiful images or with a pretty dress or top, which will be there ready for you when we are all ready to venture back out in public!  For now we can do that in Europe only via our retail partners, whom we have provided with the marketing materials that they need in order to be able to work with their customers remotely.  For those who are least fortunate, and have found themselves in difficult hardship, we are making clothing donations.

The pandemic also arrived in the midst of Trade Show season.  All Spring Trade Shows have been cancelled, which means that a lot of our Boutique customers have not been able to review our Fall collections and submit orders for their stores for Fall.  Under these difficult circumstances, we are shipping our Fall samples to all retail partners, who send requests to

We are working hard to ensure that all of you will still be able to find beautiful BIANA pieces in your favorite boutiques in the Fall as you have been able to in the past many seasons - we are working hard on saving our future and keeping it beautiful and bright!

Stay healthy, stay strong, stay beautiful inside and out!