Meet Julia — BIANA’s New Ambassador

Meet Julia — BIANA’s New Ambassador

We are happy to introduce Julia Bakalova, who is a finalist for the 2018 Mrs. Netherlands Universe pageant and a BIANA Ambassador.

Julia is 30 years old, married to her high school sweetheart and together they have 3 beautiful children ages: Gabriela — 1, Mikael — 4 and Daniel — 8. They live in The Hague, in The Netherlands, not far from the Dutch head office of BIANA.

In addition to a busy household, Julia also has an active professional life: she has her own accounting firm in The Hague. She is proficient in 5 languages, which helps her attract a lot of international clients.

Julia knows how busy the life of a working mom is, yet her slogan is:

Women are strong!

She believes every woman should strive to reach her potential. She also wants to make a difference in society and therefore works with Stichting Wende organization, which provides shelter to women and children victims of domestic violence. She decided to participate in the Mrs Netherlands Universe pageant to inspire other women to pursue their dreams and happiness.

At BIANA we are happy that Julia has become an Ambassador of our brand. Like Julia we strive to help women reach their potential and fulfill their dreams —confident in the style and comfort of BIANA!



March 28, 2017

The BIANA Trunk Shows last Saturday, March 25th were another wonderful opportunity to meet the many Beautiful, Brilliant, Beaming Biana ladies in The Netherlands and in New Jersey!

We are always inspired to see you, hear your stories, which make you all remarkable and receive your valuable feedback!

You make our clothes beautiful!  Thank you!